Paramedic Icy Response

Accidents like the one in Pleasant Valley this morning illustrated just how icy and dangerous roads were as a result of last night's storm.
For paramedics it was dangerous just to get well as transport.

Austin Stowe says he was working during last night's storm.
"Got really busy...super busy everything was shut down, more accidents than people could respond to."

Stowe says last night and even earlier in the day today, he has to keep an eye out for other drivers on the road who take risks.
" When we are doing 30-40-50 on the freeway last night and we are getting passed by small cars that weight an tenth of what we do."

When Stowe responds with lights and siren...many people do not yield to the right combine that with a slick surface and getting around town becomes even more troublesome.

But for Stowe its all worth it, being a paramedic he says allows him to get two days are alike,
and you get to make a difference in someone's life.

" Help them out of a situation they wouldn't know how to handle on their own otherwise and it's a tremendous honor."