Icy Road Driving Tips

With icy road conditions facing Northern Nevada for the next several months, snow driving skills are a must. Here are some tips to help you navigate our roads when they freeze over.

  • Anticipate stops

  • Anticipate slippery roads instead of wet

  • Increase following distance

  • Give yourself more time to reach destination

  • Slow down, you can be given a ticket for going too fast even if you are traveling below the speed limit

  • 4 Wheel Drive does not slow you down better

  • With ABS, slow and steady pressure on the brakes

  • If you lose control, steer into the slide

  • If you are unsure of your vehicles performance in the conditions, stay in the right lane

  • Remove all snow and frost from your windows

  • Make sure tires have enough tread on them

  • Keep gas tank full

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