Icy Roads Snarl Traffic

A fast-moving storm snarled traffic in the Sierra with heavy snow and created icy roads in the Reno area, causing numerous spinouts and fender-benders during the evening commute.

Roads are still slick across the region, and chains or snow tires are required on all trans-Sierra roadways, including Interstate 80 and US 50.

Lake Tahoe ski resorts report a foot or more new snow.

In the Reno-Carson City area, rain earlier in the day Thursday turned to ice and snow as temperatures dropped below freezing.

Officers closed many streets during last night's rush hour when scores of vehicles spun out or couldn't make it up inclines.

The Nevada Highway Patrol warns that roads will remain icy today
because temperatures will remain in the 30s.

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With Northern Nevada being no stranger to ice and snow I would like to ask NDOT why they are always "surprised" and are not capable of plowing as in the case from 2 years ago, or sanding the streets as in the case of last night that always leave many people in the area stranded or stuck.

I agree with Valerie - up until a few years ago the roads here, with the exception of few residential streets, were always plowed and sanded. In fact, our street alone had the plow so frequently that it was hard to sleep at night because of the noise, but that was a small price to pay for safety and on the freeway, I frequently was behind a plow (that was reassuring too). What happened here? Where are all our plows?

When the last storm moved through a few weekends ago, 395 towards the north valleys was littered with cars that could not make it up the inclines and traffic had been reduced to one, 5mph moving lane. Forecasters had been predicting this storm for over a week and still, no preparations had been made to make the freeways driveable, let alone city roads. Yet, every time a storm is predicted NDOT officials will tell everyone they have plenty of crew and sand on hand ready at a moments notice. Where are they every time there's a storm?? I couldn't get home the last storm and I couldn't go to work this morning due to poor road conditions. Why should I lose money when I pay for the services that are supposed to keep my roads driveable?

As Jeremy's aunt Patsy he called me his Granny Pat & Oldest sister of Kathy,I too strongly agree with Tami. It would be really cool & what a way for Jeremy to give his family a chance to rebuild. Jeremy gave his life for Our Country & Community A very proud American. Loved his family & friends very much, I know that I can say without a doubt he would want us to keep our chin up & smile & laugh. The spark he gave to all who knew & loved him will never be lost. A fire destroyed my sis' home & something, but one thing for sure it cannot not destroy our memories. Thank you for the community love & support in helping my sis Kathy Sami, & Zach.