Winter Storm Results in Icy Conditions

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Freeways turning into parking lots tonight as drivers and city & state crews were caught flat-footed by the icy conditions of our local roads.

The rain and snow that fell earlier in the evening, quickly froze creating streets slick as skating rinks. All of this resulted in dozens of fender-benders and hundreds of drivers getting stuck on Highway 395 and Interstate 80.

Around six o'clock tonight, parts of I-80 were a ice skating rink. Cars were backed up westbound from Wells Avenue to Keystone.

The Nevada Highway Patrol spent three hours trying to sort out the mess. Two tractor trailers sandwiched a silver car.

Krista Cavalli was stuck in traffic during the evening and isn't quite used to driving in snowy conditions.

"It's pretty scary," Cavalli says. "Being from California, I'm hoping I can get to the sand without sliding into anybody."

Several accidents brought drivers to a crawl. Troopers found two cars smashed together on the freeway near Boomtown.

No major injuries were repoerted, but one man was sent to the hospital with back pain.

There were also a number of spinouts and rollovers. People unable to get up even small hills because they didn't have four-wheel drive, so they had to be pushed along. Drivers like Chris Caprioli felt lucky to have a vehicle that could handle the roads.

"I have a four-wheel drive truck but I had to put it in four wheel because in two-wheel I was sliding," Caprioli says. "I feel bad for the people who have cars now."

Most drivers were just trying to make it home from work, when the storm passed through quickly turning the snow into slush, and then into sheets of ice.

At last report, troopers say there were just too many accidents to count.

Hundreds of drivers, like Susan Schnier, were left stranded on the roads for hours at a time.

"When we were driving the roads were great," Schnier says. "We've been sitting and waiting for the clean-up. They've turned into sheets of ice. We haven't drove for two and half hours."