Search Continues for Missing Carson Mom

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Authorities continued searching Monday for a missing woman whose bloodied 3-year-old son, abandoned a week ago at a store 12 miles from their home, said she was killed.

"I'm praying to God she's still alive," Sheriff Ken Furlong said in discussing the search for Bertha Anguiano, 33, who vanished Nov. 10 after dropping off an older son at an elementary school in Carson City.

Furlong said deputies focused Monday on areas accesible by dirt roads leading off of U.S. 50 between Dayton, where the 3-year-old was found, and Fallon, 60 miles east of Carson City.

"Nobody has notified me of anything of anything of any significance," the sheriff said. "We're continuing to pursue leads and interview people."

The search extended to Fallon after authorities were tipped that Juan Carlos Tellez, a key figure in the case, was seen there the weekend before Anguiano disappeared.

Tellez, a laborer with no fixed address, was named by the boy as the man who hit him and his mother, and pushed them from a truck after his brother was dropped off at school. Investigators also learned the married mother of three had been having a relationship with Tellez in recent weeks.

Furlong has said investigators think Tellez might have been in Fallon because he has acquaintances there.

Anguiano's husband is continuing to cooperate with authorities and is not a suspect at this time, Furlong said.