Family of Fallen Soldier Loses Home

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The family of a Sun Valley marine, killed in Iraq this summer is now facing another devastating loss. A fire Wednesday morning, destroyed their home and even damaged items that once belonged to Lance Corporal Jeremy Long.

Crews rushed to a double-wide mobile home on Smokey Canyon Dr. around 10 a.m. A fire official said three people were sleeping inside at the time of the fire, but all escaped.

Out of respect for the family, KOLO did not approach Jeremy Long's mother for an interview Wednesday. However, a close friend of the family said Jeremy Long's mother, siblings and a step-sibling lived at the residence. She showed KOLO burned flags, what looked like dogs tags in a melted bag, and Long's singed certificate for the Purple Heart. Firefighters rescued the items, along with Long's Purple Heart and pictures of him. Some pictures of the marine still hadn't been located as of Wednesday afternoon, according to one of Long's relatives.

Lance Corporal Jeremy Long was killed at age 18 by an improvised explosive device in Iraq in August, according to KOLO records.

Pat Severt, a close friend of the Long's mother, Kathleen, said: "Kathleen goes to the cemetery every day to visit her son on her lunch hour, she will not say 'cemetery,' she calls it a 'park,' she goes to the 'park.'"

A fire official said Wednesday's fire is believed to have started in a bedroom because of an electrical problem.

You can donate to the family at Wells Fargo Bank in Sun Valley -- Ask for the Jeremy Long account.

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I think that the community should contact Extreme Home Makeover and try to get them to rebuild Kathy and her familie's home. I know Kathy very well and she has a Heart of Gold. She puts others before herself. Her family is her world. She lost an infant son many years ago, then just lost another son in August. Jeremy was a true hero and lost his life fighting for our country. Now she has lost her home. She does not deserve all this loss in her life for as good as a person she is. Let us as a community help her and her family have a better year.... I wish I was there to help her out...(I am on the other side of the country now) But I know if Extreme Home makeover gets enough people to nominate a good deserving family they will come and help.
God Bless you Kathy, Sami and Zach and the rest of her family.

I agree with Tami in regards to submitting this family who has had devistation in their lives just too many times, to Extreme Home Makeover. My son died this past March instantly while riding his motorcyle on McCarran. He was only 22 and he was the world to us, but loosing him was like loosing part of myself. I can't imagine what Kathy must be facing now with not only the loss of her son and now the loss of the only home she was able to obtain for her children. I would like to know what the steps that would be necessary to have many people in our community nominate her for this. When my son died, we had many, many, many friends step up and help us through our tragedy. What can we do? How can we contact Extreme Makeover? My heart breaks for them as it still does for my son Michael. Please let's see how this can be done and how we can contact Ty Peddington....thank you, Kim

To apply for the Extreme Home Makeover a person that knows the family well must fill out this application and send it in.
Extreme Home Makeover

I agree with Tami, I don't know the family at all but my heart was touched by the story, and as a mother of three, and knowing the pain a family goes through during a loss and then to top it all off losing her home and belongings and items that can never be replaced. I believe that Extreme Home Makeover would help this family and that maybe KOLO TV could assist in making contact with Extreme Home Makeover and let them know about this families needs and that they are definately a deserving family.