Search For Missing Mom Moves To Fallon

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Law enforcement authorities continued to search for leads in Fallon in the case of a missing Carson City woman whose 3-year-old son was abandoned at a store 12 miles from their home.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said the focus of the investigation shifted to the town 60 miles east of Carson City after authorities were tipped off that a key figure in the case was seen there before and after Bertha Anguiano, 33, vanished.

Anguiano has been missing since Nov. 10, when her bloodied son, Andrew, was found in Dayton east of Carson City, and said she had been killed.

Authorities have sought Juan Carlos Tellez, a laborer with no fixed address, since the boy said Tellez hit him and his mother, and pushed them from a truck.

Investigators later learned the married mother of three had been having a relationship with Tellez in recent weeks.

Authorities were back out Sunday combing a large swath of the desert along U.S. 50 west of Fallon in search of signs of the missing woman. A string of earlier searches turned up nothing.

Furlong said authorities have learned that Tellez stayed in a Fallon inn the weekend before the mother disappeared. He checked out of it three hours after the boy turned up in Dayton.

"That's the last we know of his whereabouts," the sheriff said. "I'm hopeful he's still in the area and will come forward and contact us. He has no family in the area that we're aware of."

Furlong said investigators think Tellez might have been in Fallon because he has acquaintances there.

They have interviewed one of two known acquaintances and hope to find more. One of the acquaintances was cooperative but the other has not been located yet, Furlong said.

"We plan to interview people in Fallon tomorrow," Furlong said Sunday. "We hope to develop some leads there."

The sheriff declined to identify the inn or say whether it was a motel or hotel. But he said Tellez is accused of damaging it and leaving the room "filthy."

Anguiano's husband is continuing to cooperate with authorities and is not a suspect at this time, Furlong said.

Her son was found wandering at a Dayton store about an hour after she was last seen dropping off an older son at an elementary school in Carson City.