German Muslim with American Family Detained

A German businessman of Syrian descent was detained for four days in a Las Vegas holding cell before being sent back home without explanation.

A civil rights group calls the treatment of 62-year-old Majed Shehadeh a case of anti-Muslim discrimination.

Shehadeh flew from Frankfurt to McCarran International Airport last Thursday.

He hoped to meet with his wife in Las Vegas and drive to Bakersfield, California.

That's where his American-born daughter had just gotten news she'd passed the California bar exam.

A spokeswoman for U-S Customs and Border Protection confirms that Shehadeh was denied entry -- but won't discuss specifics of his case.

Shehadeh says no one ever told him why he was detained and sent
back to Germany.

His daughter says she's glad her father made it home safely. But she says she fears he wouldn't be able to return to visit.