Gibbons' bills die as he leaves Congress for Nevada statehouse

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RENO (AP) - Incoming Governor Jim Gibbons isn't giving up in his
effort to require polling places to provide paper records to

While a Gibbons' bill containing the requirement failed in
Congress, aides say Gibbons could continue to push for the proposal
as governor.

The bill was among about a dozen measures introduced by the
five-term Republican congressman that died when Congress recently
adjourned. Gibbons becomes governor tomorrow.

Another Gibbons' bill that died would have amended a Federal
Aviation Administration rule that forces commercial pilots to
retire at age 60. Gibbons wanted to allow them to keep working
until they could receive full Social Security benefits.

Gibbons also tried to pass legislation that would have barred
states from issuing driver's licenses or identification cards to
sex offenders who fail to meet registration requirements.

It's unclear whether his successor, Dean Heller, will introduce
any of Gibbons' bills. Aides say Heller has not yet set his
legislative priorities.

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