Nevada governor to skip Tuesday's inauguration for successor

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CARSON CITY (AP) - The cool relationship between outgoing
Governor Guinn and his successor, Jim Gibbons, will carry over to
Tuesday's swearing in ceremonies.

Guinn plans to skip the inauguration proceedings for Gibbons on
the front steps of the Capitol, breaking a 35-year tradition.

Guinn press secretary Steve George says Guinn thinks the
inauguration should be "all about the next governor," and the
attention should be focused on Gibbons, not the outgoing governor.

Although both Guinn and Gibbons are Republicans, Guinn kept his
distance from the Gibbons campaign. The two have only met twice
since the election to discuss the transition.

Gibbons press secretary Brent Boynton says Gibbons wanted Guinn to be at the inauguration, but the incoming governor respects
Guinn's decision either way.

Outgoing governors have attended the inauguration of their
successors since 1971, with one exception. Governor Bob Miller was
ill with strep throat when Guinn took office in 1999.

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