Authorities Looking for Under-Age Drinking

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Authorities are on the look-out for under-age drinking at parties as New Year's Eve approaches.

An official with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office said Friday night multiple law enforcement agencies teamed up to patrol for parties where under-age drinking might occur.

Officials said 13 citations were issued for minors in possession of alcohol on Friday.

On Saturday the patrol began at about 7 p.m., and by 10 p.m. no one drinking under-age had been found.

"In law enforcement it's been a quiet night, but thank goodness because that's what we want. We're hoping to find parents home and no reason for us to be out that's what we're hoping for, and that's exactly what we found tonight," Deputy Brooke Keast of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office said on Saturday.

The Washoe County Sheriff's office, the Nevada Highway Patrol, and the School Police are among the organizations conducting the patrols.

Another patrol is set for New Year's Eve and officials said they hope to continue the patrols on a regular basis.