Paramedics Stand In at Stand Off

swat medics

Paramedic Kevin Romero has been a paramedic here in Reno for nearly ten years.
At about that time he decided he'd like to be a member of the newly formed TEMS Team.
The team has responded to more than one-hundred incidents including the standoff yesterday in Lemmon Valley. They train and work with local SWAT teams and go into the high risk areas...but they don't carry guns..
Instead they have emergency medical equipment on them to render aid to a suspect, SWAT team member, or anyone else on the scene.
And these days they have a new piece of equipment to help them get the job done - a sophisticated van
It is equipt with a military style litter that can be carried into the scene. It is also equipt with oxygen, regular and advanced life support gear. And something called a SKED an extrication device that can actually be airlifted or carry somebody up to a mile or two miles to get out of an area that is not secure to an area that is secure.
Romero calls yesterday's incident involving TEMS Team members and the three month old van a text book example of what the unit can do.
The van was pulled just to the side of the house, and was used as a break area for SWAT members a warm place to get water.
And then when the suspect shot himself, a TEMS member was able to render aid in 20-seconds.