Gwyn's Background

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The Reno Police Records Division said Danny Gwyn, who was involved in a standoff with authorities, was arrested for solicitation for sex in 1995. Court records also state he was later made a guardian of a 6-year-old girl.

Court documents state Danny Gwyn and his wife became guardians the 6-year-old girl in September. The documents also said the child may have fetal alcohol syndrome and ADHD.

Police initially came upon Gwyn after responding to a report of a sexual assault involving a minor Thursday, according to a news release. The 6-year-old girl is not believed to be the child involved in Thursday's alleged assault.

In court documents, Gwyn wrote he has cared for the 6-year-old for five and a half years.

It is unclear where the girl is now. Documents state she may be with her natural mother in another state.

As of Friday, Daniel Gwyn remained at Renown Medical Center, according to authorities. A news release stated Gwyn shot himself once in the upper torso, after Thursday's standoff.