Mother To File Complaint On School Dress Code

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The mother of a high school student suspended for wearing a miniskirt says she'll file a formal complaint with the Washoe County School District.

The girl is one of 18 students who have been suspended at Reed High School over the past two weeks for violation of the school dress.

Tammy Thomas is taking issue with a male administrator she says asked her daughter to "turn around ... so they could observe how short her skirt was in the back."

Thomas said the incident occurred after her daughter was taken into a small office with two male administrators and several boys in violation of the dress code.

She told the Reno Gazette-Journal that her daughter was not touched, but that she felt uncomfortable when asked to display her skirt.

In addition to miniskirts, the banned attire includes girls' tops that have spaghetti straps, show the midriff or excessive cleavage.

Also prohibited are long belts, low-riding baggy pants exposing underwear, sleeping attire, bandannas, gang attire of any kind and shirts with messages about sex, drug or alcohol.