Woman killed in Truckee once arrested for trespassing at ex-Beatle Harrison's home

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - One of two people found dead north of Truckee
has been identified as a woman who was arrested several years ago
on charges of trespassing at the Hawaii home of ex-Beatle George

34-year-old Cristin Joyce Keleher served four months in jail in
2000 for entering Harrison's home without his permission, eating a
frozen pizza and doing her laundry.

An anonymous call December 19th directed Nevada County deputies
to the area of California 89 and Hobart Mills Road to the bodies of
Keleher and Truckee resident Stanley Everett Merchant. Both were
inside a sport utility vehicle with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Deputies say the case is still being investigated but physical
evidence suggests that Merchant shot Keleher, put her into the
S-U-V, drove a quarter mile and shot himself.