Gerald Ford in Reno

" I won't run in '76." Those were the words of Vice President Gerald Ford back in 19-74 at a press conference in Sparks.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal it was the first time Ford said he wouldn't run since the House Judiciary Committee at that time voted to recommend impeachment of President Nixon.

Ford said he thought the vote in the house to impeach his boss would be close but didn't believe the articles of impeachment met the requirements of the Constitution.
Two weeks after his visit here, Gerald Ford was sworn in as President. "So help me God."

His time in office was short lived and marred by questions about his decision to pardon Richard Nixon eight months into his term. President Ford was eventually was called before Congress where he denied making any deals promising the disgraced president leniency.: "I want to assure you there was no deal period."

After leaving office he returned to civilian life...he made occasional speeches, and enjoyed the outdoors with golf and skiing.
At the 2000 republican convention he suffered a series of small strokes and was hospitalized briefly.
He seemed to recover, but the episode left many wondering if there hadn't been some kind of impact on his overall health.