From Courage to Tennis Courts.

We're coming on volley ball season...which means that's where Pine Middle School P-E teacher Jincie Fagan's focus is right now.

Fagan was fixing volleyball nets at the school last March 14th when she heard shots ring out just outside the gymnasium.
" When I look back on it wondering when he was in class I could have done something different...caught it before it got to that point."

Fagan is credited with getting the student to put the gun down, and then hugging him until authorities could make it to the scene.

For her bravery she received the Commendation Medal from Reno's Police chief who said Fagan showed, "uncommon courage and strength of character."

The Paul Bunion Society made Fagan its first honorary recipient with this bat..students at the school signed it expressing their appreciation.

But just recently Fagan received an award that was unexpected...The Carnegie Medal of heroism...a five-thousand dollar check that she could use on herself. Instead she wants to give back to Pine Middle School students. "The kids have gone through so much and that worthiness that kids have to feel. If kids feel good intrinsically about themselves, they will approach other things in their life with more vigor more enthusiasm, they will believe they can accomplish things."

She says she'd like to generate seed money...or collect matching funds to repair this tennis court which students also use to play soccer. The project could cost as much as 80-thousand dollars..but undeterred Fagan says it can be small step at a time--and with all that she has accomplished this year you believe her.

If you'd like to help out Jencie Fagan you can contact her at