Council Moves To Ban Sale Of 'Graffiti Items'

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The Reno City Council is stepping up its war on graffiti.

The council gave the first reading Wednesday to a new ordinance that would limit access to items that are typically used to put graffiti on private and public property around the city.

The proposed changes prohibit possession of graffiti materials by juveniles on or near school property or other public property.

They also prohibit the sale of graffiti materials to minors without parental consent and require retailers to provide for constant surveillance of displays of graffiti materials.

The council's definition of graffiti materials includes aerosol paint containers, paint sticks, graffiti sticks, engraving devices, etching tools and broad-tipped markers with a width great than one-sixteenth of an inch.

A second reading of the ordinance is scheduled at the council's meeting October 22.