Wrap Rage

It's tough in the holiday season to avoid the plastic wrap. Buy a toy, its there, get a heavy duty tool, you'll find it.

Unfortunately the shoppers we talked to say this certainly isn't their first experience with the hard to open clear stuff. Staci Ferraria calls it, " some naughty stuff." Marla Garret says you can't avoid it. " I hate the plastic wrap. It is hard to open, and it takes you forever and its on every toy or every item you buy."

Heavy duty grades of the plastic make it virtually impossible to rip it
with your bare hands. You'll need a sharp tool to open up the product....but watch out for sharp edges, more than one person we've talked to says they've cut their fingers.

But even getting through all of that, be aware, the toy may be tightly secured with wires or straps, That's why its best to have a pair of wire cutters on hand Christmas Day.

One suggestion, take the toys apart, and then wrap them without all the plastic fortification.

Think of it as a bike for Christmas, no kid likes to watch it being assembled..they want to ride it.