California Recall Vote Tuesday

Davis Recall
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The polls open in eight hours for an historic election in California.

Voters are deciding whether to recall Governor Gray Davis and if so, who should replace him.

The recall ballot makes this a two-step process, but most polls indicate, essentially, it's come down to current Governor Gray Davis and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Almost a showdown of sorts.

While state senator Tom McClintock and lieutenant governor Cruz Bustamante are still showing up in the polls, most indicators point to Gray and Arnold.

Today the two made a final push, sweeping through California to rally the voters.

Scooping up toddlers and rocking to the tunes of Twisted Sister, Arnold Schwarzenegger ignored the sexual misconduct claims against him - targeting instead, his opponent. "Gray Davis has terminated jobs, terminated dreams, terminated opportunities - and now its time we terminate Gray Davis," he said.

"As i say to our kids, who said this morning, 'do you think daddy's going to win or lose? What do you think is giong to happen?' I said no matter what happens, in this race, your father has done an extrordinary thing," said Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Sriver.

While the Terminator's campaign headed to Huntington Beach for last minute stumping, Governor Gray Davis was in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

He told a youth voters forum, education is his top priority. "Those of us in public life have obligations to pass on to the next generation at least what we had," Davis said.

He reminded voters that his opponent's character has been called into question. "The question is: are all 15 women and their families lying or is Schwarzenegger not telling the truth?"

And in 24 hours we'll know what voters decide on who will govern California.

The candidates will all be out in force tomorrow as well. The polls are open from 7am to 8pm in California.

And as you know, a small movement has begun here to recall Governor Kenny Guinn . . . what happens in California could make a difference in our state too.

We'll be following it closely.