Accused Mizpah Arsonist Held for Trial

Detective Roya Mason says her job in the Mizpah Hotel fire investigation was to identify missing and unidentified people.

For approximately 30-minutes, she was asked to name the victim, show where he or she was located
and how they died.

"Victim Number 1 was Greg Wiltse he was found in room 62 near the window, but lived in Room 64. When firemen removed him from the hotel is was alive, but he died at the scene from smoke inhalation."
With the help of a charted floor plan Mason went one by one through victims one-through-12. If they were in rooms, or hallways.
With flames so intense the fire could be seen miles away, all the victims died of one thing. Smoke inhalation.

Not all victims were easily indentfied however because some of their remains were burned beyond recognition. That is where D-N-A has come into play.

After hearing a little more than a day's worth of testimony, Justice of the Peace Edward Dannan rendered his decision. There was enogh evidence he said to hold Valerie Moore over for trial.

Prosecutor Dave Clifton says in this case he will not prove pre-mediation. Instead he told Dannan, they will prove Moore started the fire. And under Nevada law if someone is convicted of arson, if anyone dies in the fire, the defendant can then face murder charges as well.

Moore faces one count of first degree arson, and 12-counts of first degree murder. Prosecutors have not said whether they will seek the death penalty in this case.