Breast Cancer Rates Drop

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Reno resident Joy Mayes says the news comes as no surprise to her. " I said to myself, I knew the cause I knew my cancer was caused by hormone replacement, I am not surprised at all. And I was glad that people realize it so that it doesn't happen to other people like it happened to me."

While Joy Mayes wasn't part of the Women's Health Initiative, she was placed on long term hormone replacement therapy more than ten years ago after a hysterectomy. Diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago, she says the tumors were estrogen positive. These types of cancer are fueled by estrogen, and estrogen replacement therapy.

" What this report suggests is that when we take away the estrogen, breast cancers stop growing, and we stop detecting them, and that's really exciting<" says Dr. Clifford Hudis from The Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Researchers say the drop occurred in 2003, one year earlier, the women's health initiative study told its subjects to quit taking hormorne replacement therapy because of an increased risk of breast cancer.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine was part of the women's health initiative. One of the researchers Dr. Robert Brunner says while the news is encouraging, he remains skeptical as to the direct cause and effect of the health initiative's announcement, and the seven percent drop in breast cancer one year later.