American Airlines Ends Cargo Service in Reno

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If you are sending or receiving something this holiday season, it might end up traveling on a plane. But there are now fewer flights for items to travel on.

American Airlines planes will no longer carry cargo to and from Reno, according to a regional manager for the airline. He said it was a lack of business that led to ending cargo service.

However, Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman, said the airline had been leasing space to the company that handles cargo at Reno-Tahoe International -- Smith said the handling company was evicted for not paying rent.

Airport spokesman Brian Kulpin said other airlines are expected to carry cargo again in a few days, or continue to carry cargo. He said Southwest Airlines, which has its own handlers, continues its cargo service.

Kulpin said UPS, DHL and other shipping companies should be unaffected. He also said airlines carry a relatively small percentage of the cargo that travels through Reno-Tahoe. However, more than nine-million pounds of cargo are expected to move through the airport this month, he said.

Kulpin said US Airways may take over cargo handling for some airlines at Reno-Tahoe in the future.