Sparks City Attorney Misconduct

City Attorney Chet Adam's situation is a first for Sparks. As an elected official he is not subject to the same disciplinary protocol as an employee would be, so today's meeting was to determine what, if anything, the council could do.

Chet Adams has been under fire for the settlement of claims of sexual harrassment and retaliation involving two female employees of his office

Today the Sparks City Council discussed the possibility of disciplining Adams for lying to them about the case, although he did admit later that he had lied.

According to the city charter, the council does have the power to discipline an elected representative who is in violation of the cities code of ethics, but it was determined today that more proof that Adams did violate that code is needed.

An item will be placed on the council agenda for Dec. 18th, where the issue of pursuing possible disciplinary action and conducting some sort of investigation will be decide.

Anything from censure to removal is within the city's power.