Mayor of New Orleans Speaks at Reno Convention

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The National League of Cities convention brought thousands of visitors to Reno. This is the smallest city to ever host the convention.
As it wrapped up on Saturday, the mayor of the convention's next host city, New Orleans, spoke to News Channel Eight.

Mayor Ray Nagin said the League of Cities was among the first organizations to recommit to having it's convention in the big easy after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.

But Nagin said New Orleans has come a long way since then. Nagin said his city is open for business, and ready for visitors. He said 97 percent of medium and large businesses in New Orleans are operational. However, he said, for this year, 70% of pre-Katrina convention bookings are still in place.

It is estimated the League of Cities convention brought eight to 12 million dollars into the Reno area.

Nagin said he hopes the 2007 convention is the most attended ever. This year's convention attendees got a taste of what New Orleans has to offer from what the mayor calls a "good old New Orleans band," which performed at the convention Saturday.

The National League of Cities said it recommitted to holding its 2007 gathering in the city of New Orleans about six weeks after Katrina hit. The convention is slated for around this time next year.