Smoking Ban on Hold

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The smoking ban set to take effect Friday is now on hold in Washoe County and the Las Vegas area. A Clark County judge granted a 15-day restraining order so briefs can be prepared on whether the ban is constitutional.

The Clean Indoor Air Act requires restaurants and bars that serve meals to ban smoking. According to a health official, "no smoking" signs would also have to be displayed.

The delay only applies to the Las Vegas area. However, Washoe County is also expected to hold off on enforcing the ban. This statement was e-mailed to News Channel Eight from a representative of the Nevada Health Division:

"The Washoe County District Health Department will continue to educate our citizens and businesses about the anti-smoking law, during the period of the restraining order since the issue of the constitutionality of the law has been raised. We will delay actual enforcement for the period of the restraining order. We will collect complaints from citizens and provide resources to those businesses who wish to move toward a smoke-free environment."

People who spoke with KOLO-TV had mixed opinions about the ban.

"If it's a non-smoking area, you shouldn't intrude on them, but then again, we should be able to smoke in the smoking areas," Norma Frye, a smoker, said.

"If I come in here for lunch to eat a meal, the last thing in the world I want is cigarette smoke drifting around me which completely changes the taste of the food," Dennis Williams, a non-smoker, said.

According to the Associated Press, a hearing on the law is set for December 19.