Kids Get Free Computers

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Some students at Veterans Memorial Elementary in Reno received free computers Wednesday. The computers were provided by Computer Corps, which gives PCs to families who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

Jose Baldobinos said with his computer, he intends to "play games, (do) math, social studies."

"Sometimes I have to write a lot... and then... sometimes my hands get tired, so if I use a computer, it'd be easier for me," Mabel Martinez, a sixth grade student, said.

Those receiving computers were asked to perform a certain amount of volunteer work in return.

Tim Rippeth, a sixth grade teacher, said as kids advance in grades, they will have more work that requires a computer. "More word processing, things like that... and after they move away from us it just increases and it's just more important for them to be tech savvy," Rippeth said.

According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report, roughly nine in 10 kids have computer access at school. But only about 40 of kids from families that make less than $25,000 have computer access at home.

"It's gonna help me out by less computer usage at school," Miguel Rojas, a sixth grade student, said.

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