Son of Murdered Verdi Woman Speaks Out

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The son of a murdered Verdi woman says he's satisfied now that her killer will be behind bars without parole. Joaquin Hill, 27, was given two life sentences without parole for the murder of 80-year-old Virginia Mosconi, according to the Associated Press.

Virginia's son, Bud Mosconi, said this of the death penalty: "That's what he deserved, and that's what he wanted, at least that's what he indicated, and that's actually too good for him." Mosconi said everything turned out as the family had hoped. "When you really look at it I think it's better, he's gotta sit there... he's a young man," Mosconi said.

Mosconi said he was confident Hill would be convicted. The AP reported DNA evidence connected Hill to the 2001 crime.

Hill pleaded not guilty. But Mosconi said he feels statements Hill made in court, are essentially a confession.

Hill said: "I lost my mother and to this day the person that killed my mother and numerous other people are still living. I don't think that's fair. That's why I feel if they feel that I have done this, they would probably want the same."

Mosconi said he doesn't think there is really such a thing as closure. But Mosconi said: "with the death penalty you go through appeals, this would never end, now we have an end."