"Registered Traveler" Program Coming to Reno

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Those long security lines at airports could be a thing of the past, if you become a "registered traveler."

If you agree to a government background check, plus scans of your eyes and fingerprints, you can enroll in the program, according to the Associated Press. A Reno-Tahoe International Airport spokeswoman said passengers then get a card that they show to go through an express security line. There is also a minimum $100 cost to become a registered traveler, she said.

Adam Portue is a motor-sports promoter, who flies often. Portue said he flies as frequently as every three or four days, and he welcomes the program. "If they end up doing it, sign me up first... coming from a small airport to a bigger airport, being able to go through quicker... be that much better," Portue said.

The airport's spokeswoman said the card can be used at multiple airports. According to the AP, the program is already in place at Orlando's airport -- and at least 22 other airports could participate.

"At the San Jose airport they go from the airport across the road to a second building, and the line is more than several hundred people long," Betty Boyd, an airline passenger, said.

Still, one passenger said he wouldn't enroll because lines aren't especially long.

Richard Siegel, president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, also said passengers who enroll give up part of their privacy. Siegel said personal information has the potential to be used a variety of ways. "These can be used in criminal investigations, these can be used for a variety of purposes that we don't even contemplate at this point," Siegel said.

Despite giving up personal information, some said they think the program is a good idea to help expedite their trips through airports. The AP reported registered travelers in Orlando spend only four minutes going through security.

The program is expected to be in place at Reno-Tahoe International some time during spring.

For more information on the program, send an e-mail to: publicaffairs@renoairport.com