Registered Flier Program

Frequent fliers could soon get a break from long lines at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

The airport has signed a letter of intent to operate a "registered traveler" program that would allow participants to use an express line to get through security.

Participants would have to pay at least $100 a year, submit to a
government background check and provide scans of their fingerprints
and eyes.

Reno is among at least 22 airports that have applied to run the program. Orlando International Airport in Florida now operates the only registered traveler program in the country.

"This is exciting for travelers," Reno airport spokesman Brian Kulpin told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "It makes it easier for people to get through our airport and other airports."

But some passengers at the Reno airport said they don't fly enough to take advantage of it.

"A business traveler, I could see doing it," said Marsha Heidt, 58, of Sparks, who flies about four times a year out of the airport. "I wouldn't pay for it. I wouldn't care."

Orlando airport officials said registered travelers move from check-in to their gates in about 20 minutes, spending just four minutes at security.

The efficiency comes from frequent fliers knowing how to dress and pack. They avoid long lines because they don't have forbidden items, such as large liquid containers.

"These are experienced travelers who know how to travel," Kulpin said. "They pack light and know how to get through quickly."

The airport hopes to launch the program by spring.