Nevada Hospitals Rated Good And Bad

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A new study gives mixed reviews for the quality of health care at Nevada Hospitals.

This is the sixth such study looking at hospital care on a state-by-state basis. The study is called " Healthgrades Hospital Quality in America."

The HealthGrades report rates nearly 5,000 hospitals natiowide in several catagories. Overall, North Dakota rated the best with Mississippi
rating the worst overall.

But Mississippi didn't hold worst honors in all catagories.

When it comes to Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, Nevada ranks
last when examining the number of deaths from this procedure given the
patient population here.

However that's a state-wide ranking . . . the study also provides hospital-by-hospital analysis.

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center's outcomes for Coronary Bypass
Surgery were "as expected," while Washoe Medical Center's were poor, according to the study.

But Nevada as a whole and local hospitals in general did better in
other catagories.

Peripheral Vascular Interventional Procedures like Angioplasty and Stents . . . Nevada ranks 43rd.

For Heart Attacks we rank 32nd. Here the survery says Washoe Medical Center, St. Mary's, Northern Nevada and Carson Tahoe Hospital have an in hospital mortality rate of average or "as expected."

But the Silver State makes great strides in this study when it comes to Congestive Heart Failure - we rank 16th. Carson Tahoe Hospital, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Northern Nevada Medical Center all
have "as expected* mortality rates.

Our state is one of the best when it comes to positive outcomes in Community Acquired Pneumonia with a ranking of 12th.

All northern Nevada hospitals report *as expected* mortality outcomes for patients even when looking at six months after hospitalization.

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center reporting close to *the best* rating for its low rate of in hospital mortality when it comes to Community Acquired Pneumonia.

To find out more about the study's rankings, go to the "links" portion of this Web site where we have set up a direct link to the HealthGrades Web site.