Street Vibrations Set to Rattle Reno

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40,000 thousand people are expected to roll into Reno this weekend for Street Vibrations 2003. With 4,000-5,000 registered bikers, it's the 6th largest motorcycle event in the nation.

But with all those motorcycles hitting the streets, organizers don't want you to meet them by accident.

You can certainly hear them . . . but can you see them? With thousands of bikers expected between Wednesday and Sunday, police want you to keep your eyes peeled.

Sgt. Andy Kachurak\Reno Police Department]

"They're difficult to see - you've gotta pay a little more attention when you're driving," says Sgt. Andy Kachurak of the Reno Police Department.

The Reno Police Department's traffic division will be out in force during the event and they'll concentrate on downtown, where many of the events take place.

But, according to John Corwell with Harley Davidson of Reno - a sponsor of Street Vibrations - the responsibility of safety on the road lies with every driver. "The awareness of your surroundings in terms of other motorcyclists on the road is very important," he says.

Last year during Street Vibrations, the Office of Traffic Safety says four people died on motorcycles in Northern Nevada. One of those deaths was here in Washoe County.

To help keep the roads safe this year the Nevada Department of Transportation will be limiting road costruction on the Spaghetti Bowl. Workers will only be out at night, and N-DOT says they'll stay behind barriers and won't block lanes.

But, regardless of the road conditions, Corwell says one of the best ways for riders to stay safe and enjoy the event is to ride at their personal skill level.

"Riding at your own level of skill is the best way to enjoy the motorcycle and to not find yourself intimidated trying to keep up with more experienced riders- or to find yourself in situation where you're beyond your own skill level," he says.

And - whether you're behind the handle bars or behind the wheel - Reno police say to take a little extra time getting around.

"Pay a little closer attention when changing lanes, turning, because these motorcycles are difficult to see at times - especially at night."

Those coming into Nevada through Interstate-80 for Street Vibrations.. should expect to see only limited road construction.

CALTRANS says workers will be fixing the eastbound lanes of I-80 until 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Work will resume on Monday.