Busy Sunday at the Airport

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Up to 22,000 people were expected to travel through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport Sunday, according to a public relations representative. Many were returning after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Zoe Richards visited her family in Truckee and was flying back to Los Angeles. Richards said she packed differently to get through security. "I don't have a water bottle with me, for one, I didn't put any like bathroom stuff in my carry-on," Richards said. Passengers are permitted to carry-on only three-ounce containers of liquids, inside a plastic zip-seal bag.

Most travelers who spoke with News Channel Eight said security and other lines were moving at a good pace. "They haven't been too bad, they're pretty good about security, and getting people in and getting them ready and going through so I've been pretty impressed it's not too bad," Kelsey Bridgewater, a passenger, said.

"I've come the past two years, this seems to be the smoothest so far," Anna Governale, another passenger, said.

There were some delays. One passenger said bad weather in Washington state delayed his flight.

But as of Sunday evening, no snow had fallen at Reno-Tahoe International, and passengers seemed to be moving swiftly.