Judge Sides With Humphries Against KKOH

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Conservative talk show host Rusty Humphries is free to pursue a new radio job in Seattle, a judge ruled.

Humphries was granted a preliminary injunction Friday by Washoe District Judge Steven Kosach against the owner of KOH radio in Reno.

Kosach ordered Citadel Broadcasting Co. not to interfere with Humphries'job-seeking efforts.

"I'm tipping the scales so far in favor of Rusty Humphries it's not even funny," Kosach said after hearing arguments from both sides. "This is not a tough call."

Humphries has hosted an afternoon talk show on KOH since 1998. He said his contract with Citadel has expired and he's been discussing a new job with a Seattle station owned by Fisher Broadcasting.

"This is very difficult for me," Humphries said. "But it was best for my wife,"who needs specialized medical care in Seattle.

A lawyer for Citadel declined comment on whether the company planned to sue Humphries for breach of contract. The company maintains Humphries still is under contract with it.

"We're exploring all options,"l4 awyer Alden Parker said.