Ski Resort Economy

This balmy weather is bad news for skiers and boarders and even worse for local resorts, hoping to cash in on the upcoming holiday weekend.

Stop by any of the local resorts and you'll see a dearth of snowpack. Here at Mt. Rose, their snow cover is so patchy, there's no telling when they'll be opening. But you better believe that as soon as they get a 10 inch base, these lifts will be spinning.

At every single resort in the Lake Tahoe Basin warm fall temperatures have kept the ground from freezing, precipitation from sticking, and snow-making machines gathering dust.

Local ski resort officials all agree that financially, tourism over Thanksgiving weekend will not make or break their season's budget. Opening early is gravy and also sends a strong message that can pay off throughout the season.

This year's post-Thanksgiving opening is not necessarily unusual and resort officials say they won't be worried unless Christmas tourism is affected.