Breast Feeding Protest

Seven mothers gathered this morning at McCarran International Airport for a peaceful show of their right to breast-feed while traveling.

No signs or outward demonstration at the nation's fifth-busiest airport.

It was a low-key display of solidarity with a nationwide "nurse-in" held at airports around the country.

One among the group was 38-year-old Tami Schlosser. She's a certified counselor for breast-feeding mothers in southern Nevada.

She says they were there to support Emily Gillette -- a 27-year-old Santa Fe, New Mexico, woman -- who filed a complaint against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines.

Gillette was ushered off an airliner October 13th at Burlington International Airport in Vermont when she tried to breast-feed her

Schlosser says Gillette was well within her legal rights to breast-feed her baby.

She says everyone flies -- including nursing mothers.