Nevada Gas Prices Soar

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Nevada motorists are digging deeper into their pockets to fill the tank, with gasoline prices rising an average 13 percent in the last month, AAA Nevada reported.

The statewide average price for a gallon of regular self-serve unleaded rose 22 cents, from a $1.70 to $1.92, the automobile club reported Wednesday.

A year ago, prices averaged $1.52 statewide.

Prices in some areas reached all-time highs. In Reno, the average price reached a record $2.16 cents on Aug. 30.

AAA Nevada spokesman Sean Comey said the high demand for fuel over the Labor Day weekend, the pipeline problem in Arizona, world tensions and refinery shut-downs led to soaring prices at the pumps.

"Most of the problems that led to the rapid rise in gas prices have been addressed," Comey said. "Retail prices should be falling significantly.

"Unfortunately, consumers have yet to see anything but a meager benefit at the pump."

The largest increase was in Reno, where the average price was $2.02, up 27 cents a gallon from a month ago.

In Las Vegas, the average price was $1.89, up 23 cents. Elko reported the lowest price, $1.68, a 17-cent increase.

Nationally, the average price rose 12 cents to $1.69, AAA said.