Hot August Nights Pumps $132 Million Into Economy

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The Reno-area's annual tribute to classic cars and rock'n'roll generated more than $132 million for the local economy this year, a new survey showed.

The survey conducted by RRC Research of Boulder, Colo., placed attendance at this year's Hot August Nights event at nearly 798,000 people.

More than 100,000 of those attended for the first time and the average visitor spent four days at the event, the research showed.

"It clearly points out the tremendous economic impact that Hot August Nights has on this community,"David Saville, the event's executive director, said Tuesday.

"It has always been our goal, in addition to producing a first class family oriented event, to help bolster the local economy and fill hotel rooms."

Though visitors came from across the country, the survey found more than 50 percent were from California, followed by those from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwestern United States.

Saville said the 5,000 car registrations for the 2004 event have already sold out.