Final Tally

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It was such a touching moment to see the line of cars, outside Evelyn's house tonight, as she collected food and thousands of dollars in donations.
We'd never seen Evelyn so happy considering one of her darkest hours was just yesterday, when nearly hundreds of turkeys and game hens were stolen.
"When it was stolen this morning it broke my heart. She puts out all the time."
Evelyn may have lost three hundred turkeys and game hens but the theft seemed to awaken the hearts of the community.
Evelyn Mount: "I can't explain how i feel. i just want people to come and get their food and enjoy what they made possible for us to have."
From her house, to the Sak N Save on Oddie, and on Plumb, to the Scolari's on South Virginia, News Channel 8 teamed up with dozens of volunteers.
Marie Baxter & Mark Elston: "We get an opportunity to see how much heart there is in our community. And how people come together when we need to make a difference. It's exciting and especially from the story last night with the loss off all the other food. People just showing up."
One of the most special moments of the evening was captured live, when a caravan of cars pulled up outside Evelyn's home.
Each driver from Lithia Motors Incorporated, and each with a big check for Evelyn.
Danny LeClair: "I'm overwhelmed. It warms your heart to see such a response. Evelyn is such a wonderful person."
That's what we kept hearing tonight on why some many people came out to donate because of Evelyn Mount.
David Huynh: "Just one person trying to feed that many people. So if she can do it why not help her."
Bertha Henderson: "Miss mount has been doing this for years. And it's a good cause. Everyone come out and contribute."
Young and old had something to give.
"just wanted to give to the needy."
"it feels good that everyone will have a happy thanksgiving hopefully."
And, this little guy even gave up his activity money to help another child this holiday season.
Jason Hallahan: "Be nice to them cause they only have pennies. They got to support their families if they have any."
Evelyn set a goal of more than five thousand families she had to feed for Thanksgiving.
She well surpassed that goal...and now has her sights set on Christmas.