What Is The Feeling For California Recall?

clinton and davis recall election
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California's recall is getting daily coverage in the national and international media. The candidates are raising and spending millions.

But how is the voting public responding?

I journeyed over the border to Truckee today to sample some opinions.

Residents and shopkeepers along Truckee's historic downtown say
conversations are more likely to center around a local ski resort
dropping its daily ticket price than the election just ahead.

In the Bar of America, the TV's are tuned to ESPN and CNN, but the eyes are on the sports channel and the conversation is more likely to turn to the weekend scores or tonight's game than electoral politics.

Out on the street, it's hard to find any fans of Governor Gray Davis,
but there's no consensus that removing him would change anything, or
that the recall itself is wise.

News that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had put a hold on the election was just breaking as sampled opinion. If the election does go forward, many, but not all say they've already decided how they will cast that vote.

Though few expressed any enthusiasm for the task ahead of them, most of the people we talked with - residents and visitors - say they will take part in the election.