Food Stolen From Evelyn Mount

Between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, criminals stole between 80 and 100 turkeys and 200 game hens from a local Sak 'n Save. The thieves broke the lock on a refrigerated trailer where they were being stored for Evelyn Mount's food drive, a store official said. Unfortunately, the security cameras don’t cover the area where the theft happened.

A disheartened Evelyn Mount said that, “we are running short as it is, and I have the feeling that with the love of the people we will meet our quota, but it looks very slim now.” Evelyn continued to say that the food stolen would have fed an estimated 380 needy families.

To help Evelyn out you can donate to Evelyn’s house at 2530 Cannan St, the Sak ‘n Save on Oddie or Plumb, or the Scolari’s on South Virginia.