Care Flight Turns 25

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Care Flight has been flying to the scene of accidents and medical emergencies in the Reno-area for 25 years. This month is described as a "slow" time, but Care Flight expects to carry 100 to 110 patients.

Wednesday, a man experiencing respiratory failure was flown from another hospital to Renown Medical Center -- just one example of the types of calls Care Flight responds to.

A flight nurse said working for Care Flight has its challenges -- like providing critical care in a helicopter's small environment, but that she's become accustom to it.

A Care Flight pilot said touching down in unknown places, where there could be electrical wires is also a challenge.

But thanks to Care Flight, patients with immediate medical needs get treatment sooner, including on-board the helicopter. Moreover, they also get to a hospital more quickly. A Care Flight official said on one recent call, a youth hit by a car was taken to the hospital in 15 minutes -- a trip that might have taken 45 minutes by ambulance.

As Care Flight looks into the future, the organization plans to grow. There are currently three Care Flight helicopters, but a fourth is expected to be added next year, based in Lovelock. Three new spots for landing and taking off are also now being added at Renown in Reno.