Giving Veterans' Families a Place to Stay

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"Something went wrong and things just went awry," Manuel Gomez said. Gomez, a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, is hospitalized at Reno's VA hospital. Gomez said he was stricken with bladder cancer and things did not go well when he was hospitalized in California. He came to Reno for corrective surgery, but is far from his family in Alturas, California.

Gomez's daughter, Susan Anselmi, is in Reno visiting him, thanks to the Veterans Guest House. The Veterans Guest House provides a free place for veterans and their families to stay. Anselmi is staying there so she can be near her dad in the hospital.

Anselmi said when her dad was at other hospitals, at times, she had to sleep in her car or a waiting room . But here in Reno, Anselmi is staying at the 12-bed Veterans Guest House, near the VA hospital. Being by her dad's side during this very difficult time has made all the difference.

"It kind of takes the mental stress away from what you're going through, and you're able to cope better," Gomez said.

"I just love my dad, there's nothing I wouldn't do for my parents," Anselmi said.

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