Ski Patrol Hot Season Soon To Begin

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Ski season is just around the corner and the call is out for volunteer ski patrollers.

These are the men and women who keep people safe on the mountains.

Most people don't reallt stop to think about it, but the position is an important job.

And more ski patrollers are needed.

During the snow season, these volunteers are the first responders in case of emergency. Trained in outdoor emergency care, ski patrol volunteers are on the front lines when it comes to any mountain mishap.

"Injured joints, legs, arms, people who are cold and need help finding a trail," are some of the things they work on according to Senioe Ski Patroller Carl Stallone.

Directors with Diamond Peak Ski Resort and Mount Rose showed us how they get volunteers ready for the job.

Volunteers spend their days making sure the trails are safe. And when someone gets lost - the ski patrollers are the first to search - and also provide medical care.

"We're there to calm them, reassure them and get them into a safe situation," says ski patroller Greg Silva.

Some ski patrol members at Mount Rose were part of the team that helped find the body of a snowboarder after he died in an avalanche last December.

"On the days most people don't want to ski - we're still skiing," Silva noted.

It takes about 3 months to complete the training, and members work for free, saying the overall reward is much better than money.

"It's just a good feeling of knowing what you trained for has come together and you helped someone," says volunteer ski patrol director Ron Luschar.

Work hard and play harder is the ski patrol motto . . . and this group is still accepting applications for anyone who loves to move on the snow and wants to help people while they're at it.

If you're interested in finding out how you can be on the Mount Rose or Diamond Peak ski patrol, head to the Website:

Classes start next Tuesday. Experienced skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to apply.

And there are some perks - like free ski passes for family and friends and discounts on ski equipment.

These local ski patrollers are also part of the National Ski Patrol.

And all the ski resorts have volunteer teams and most are always looking for more.