Reno Police Investigate Spate Of Robberies

Reno Police Department
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Reno police are also busy investigating a series of robberies that happened Monday and Tuesday.

In most of the cases, the victims were elderly.

In addition to involving the elderly, do these crimes have any other similarities or connections?

Investigators are looking into a potpourri of robberies across town. They say it's not unusual to see a spike in criminal activity during the summer.

The latest spate of robberies started in southwest Reno. Police say Monday night, three elderly women were robbed in their home. Investigators say a man posing as a Sierra Pacific worker forced his way into the house.

"The suspect is a white or Hispanic male, 5'8" slim build, short hair," says Sgt. Kelly Dean.

In this case, police warn people to use common sense before opening their doors. "It's getting dark, unless there's an emergency, Sierra Pacific isn't coming at that time," Dean says. "If you have a question, ask for ID."

Earlier that morning, another home robbery in an apartment complex on Evelyn Way. The victim, an elderly man who relies on a wheelchair, told police the robber stole his shotgun and some other personal items.

And in two cases that appear to be connected, police say two black men in their 20's about 6 feet 2 inches tall used a silver revolver to rob a 62-year-old man in downtown Reno.

About an hour later at 7 a.m., robbers with a similar description stole a wallet and gym bag from a man as he walked through the Atlantis Hotel Casino parking lot.

In all of these cases, a reward is offered for anyone with information.

The number to call is 322-4900.

While the majority of these robberies involve elderly victims, police say that is probably because the elderly are often easier targets.

A sad reminder that you can't be too careful whether you're at home or on the street . . . lock your doors and pay attention to your surroundings.