Sparks Attorney's Admission Raises New Concerns

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Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams already is under fire for deciding to settle a 100-thousand-dollar lawsuit over a proposed casino resort on the Pyramid Highway.

Now, some City Council members say they are disturbed by his lying to the city manager about an affair with one of his attorneys and troubled by a 75-thousand-dollar price tag to settle and defend against two harassment claims since 2001.

Adams admitted to the affair after facing questions from the Reno Gazette-Journal, which uncovered the expenses in an investigation of his office.

Councilman John Mayer says the council should have been told about all of the lawyers hired by the city because of personnel issues in Adams' department. Mayer says he's frustrated because Adams refused to allow the council to hire outside lawyers to review the Lazy 8 casino lawsuit. But at the same time, the city has hired outside lawyers to defend him and other employees in the two claims.

Councilman Ron Schmitt said that if Adams lied about an affair during an investigation conducted by City Manager Shaun Carey, the proper action is for Adams to resign.

Mayor Geno Martini said he doesn't condone sexual relationships between city bosses and their subordinates or Adams lying to hide his affair, but still doesn't think Adams should resign.

Adams says he plans to run for re-election in two years.