Retired Gen. Wesley Clark Campaigns with Jill Derby

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Retired Army General Wesley Clark joined 2nd District Congressional candidate Jill Derby at a campaign stop at the Northern Nevada Labor Temple in Sparks Sunday.

Clark said Derby, a fellow democrat, is incorruptible.

According to, Clark served the military for 38 years. He was also a presidential candidate in 2004.

In a KOLO-TV interview, Clark was asked about whether it was possible to win in Iraq. "It's not possible, not the way the president thought winning was," Clark said. Clark said the situation in Iraq has become more of a "political problem."

Derby said she intends to address Iraq by working with various factions in the region.

Derby is running against Republican candidate Dean Heller. Mac Bybee, a field director for the Heller campaign, said Derby is "weak on homeland defense and national security." Bybee also said Derby does not have clear plans or ideas.

But Derby said of Clark's visit: "...It's a vote of confidence for me, somebody distinguished as he is in leadership in the military speaking so strongly in my support."

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