Bears in the Backyard

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Several bears have been sighted in Western Reno.

Nick Lusich said the bears have visited his backyard on Canyon Circle near Juniper Hill several times. Lusich said initially his wife thought she heard construction going on -- it turned out to be the bears climbing a tree in their backyard.

Nick took pictures of the bears. "The flash bulb, the flash camera scared them," he said.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife said it attempted to capture the bears with cages, but was unsuccessful. The Department said after capturing the bears they are typically trained to avoid people and released.

"Bear complaints have risen sharply in the last ten years," the Department's Web site states.

Lusich said he'd never seen a wild bear in the 28 years he's lived on Canyon Circle, until about a week and a half ago. Lusich said when the bears visited, they slept in a tree in his yard. He and his wife are calling it "the bear tree."

The Nevada Department of Wildlife offers some tips on what to do when encountering bears, like making noise to scare it away. For a complete list, click here.

Still, Nick Lusich said he enjoyed having the opportunity to see the bears. "My wife's a real critter-lover...and I'm an outdoors man, I love the critters," he said.