Kidergarten Opens With Usual Rush

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Today marked the first day of school for dozens of kindergarteners at Diedrichson School in Sparks.

It was a day of picture taking and nervous smiles, as well as the beginning of a long road of learning for these youngsters.

Hugs, kisses and plenty of pictures . . . but not a single tear in this group.

That's at least a bit unusual for the first day of kindergarten. But, it's no indication of how some of these parents are feeling.

"She hasn't gone anywhere - even day care yet - so it's a really tough day," says nervous mom Bahenga Yandall. "I think I was more nervous than her this morning."

Even before these kids enter the classroom they're already making friends, having fun, and showing us what they've got stowed away in those backpacks.

When asked what are you most excited to do today? . . . one proud kindergartner replied: "Go to the classroom".

After the last pictures and waves goodbye it's time for the learning to begin.

"We play some name games - we find out where the cubbies are and we take a tour of the classroom," says teacher Sue LeClair..

Then it's time for a song.

And - before long - school will come as easily as their ABC's.

Approximately 3,900 kindergartners started school districtwide today.