Hit List Hoax

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Two 12-year-olds were arrested after a hoax hit list was discovered at Fernley Intermediate School, according to the Lyon County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office said a list of nine names was found, but an investigation determined it was all a hoax so the students could get out of school.

Jeff Freeman, Principal at Fernley Intermediate, said the list included his name and the names of the two students who are accused of being responsible for the hoax. He said the parents of kids on the list were contacted.

Fernley Intermediate School has been in the news after several recent law enforcement investigations. KOLO-TV reported a teacher's aide at the school, Tracie Nelson, 27, is accused by authorities of having sex with a student. Authorities also said a teacher at the school has had a criminal complaint filed against her after her husband, Charles Tamburello, allegedly sold methamphetamine and marijuana from his Fernley home.

"I send my kids to school thinking they're gonna be safe... so they're going home," Betty Bond said.

But some parents said they believe their kids are safe attending and the school is protecting their kids.

"This can happen anywhere in America, unfortunately it happened in our little town of Fernley," Grandparent Nancy Ausano said.